On-demand corporate mobility: are you ready to share your trip with a coworker?

On-demand corporate mobility: are you ready to share your trip with a coworker?

On-demand corporate mobility: are you ready to share your trip with a coworker?

A year ago, we were taken by uncertainty due to COVID 19, infection curves on the rise, and an evolving pandemic spreading across the globe.

Mobility is one of the areas most impacted by this global crisis, where serious concerns have been raised, such as: what will happen with the decline in the use of public transport and the worrying trend of consumers back to private cars? What are the challenges for urban mobility in this scenario?

In this context the challenge we face is the sharp decline in the use of public transportation, with concerns about the ability to maintain physical distance and drive safely, while at the same time the use of private cars remains high.

In fact, there is a growing need for safe travel to workplaces that concentrate many employees, especially to destinations where available public transport connections are insufficient or users no longer feel confident using them.

The Solution

The solution developed is to address the current problems related to daily commuting in metropolitan areas by putting the user at the center of our proposed solution and include an innovative and cost-effective COVID-free solution to increase acceptance and confidence in a novel, technology-based on-demand corporate mobility service that allows employees from different companies in the same business area to book a virtual seat at the most convenient boarding point and time for their daily journey to the workplace.

The piloted service has great potential for scale, as passenger travel represents more than 60% of overall mobility in metropolitan areas such as Greater Barcelona. These are its main components and features:

Screenshots of the Ne-Mi app


  • On-demand: the Ne-Mi application for providing and managing a flexible transport service which includes virtual pick-up points in tailored and flexible routes that connect dense urban areas (where employees live) with the employee’s workplace.
  • Corporate: the design of the service is adapted to companies that are established in areas that are underserved by the public transport system, such as suburban areas or business parks located away from the city centre, with the particularity that it is tailored for the use by several different companies in the same area, as it is possible to design routes including several stops to drop-off passengers at different final locations.
  • COVID-free: to make the service even more convenient, especially in the context of the pandemic, the service also included a disinfection system based on modules that diffuse ultraviolet lamps with light at a 222 nm wavelength, which although germicidal is totally harmless to humans. Being harmless, this light can be used while travelers are inside the vehicle.

On-demand mobility services are expected to play a key role in future mobility, and effective solutions developed on an enterprise level can become very relevant.

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